Located in the Idyllic forest village of Nameri Tiger Reserve. Birding, Rafting and trekking in the core area of the tiger reserve. River rafting and fishing is held on river JiaBhoroli. You can enjoy a nature walk around the forest accompanied with the experienced naturalist. The Nameri national park is one of the most scenic national park of Assam and the river JiaBhoroli bifurcating throughout. Situated in the eastern border of Assam the valley of Nameri is touching the mountainous Arunachal on its east.During your forest trekking you will able to view some of the most endangered wildlife species like white winged wood duck, Sloth Bear, Tiger Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Sambar, Gaur, Indian Wild Dog, four varieties of Hornbill and many other species of avifauna.
Nameri National Park is also famous for the herds of elephants as Nameri has very high density of Elephant population. And you will also hear a lot about Elephant invading human inhabited villages due to the massive decline of forest covers.
You could also enjoy the 13km stretch of downstream rafting in the inflatable rafts. If you are lucky you could visually say hello! to the Royal Bengal Tiger.


Goecha-La Trek and Tour


Nothing like walking along the beauty of the beautiful mountain ranges which seems to get bigger with every step taken. The Goechala trek provides you with this spectacular view with not only the Kanchenjunga — but 14 other big summits. It is no wonder that trekkers consider Goechala to be the closest to the treks of Nepal. One of the biggest highlights of the Goechala trek is the impeccable sunrise on the Kanchenjunga range, the beautiful luscious green forests and incase you are in season for the beautiful rhododendron flowers, its just an icing on cake. The spring months of March and April, the pink and red flowers bloom giving a mystical beauty to the hills. The Samiti Lake is another big attraction on the Goechala trek. The view of the still waters, and the reflection of Mt Pandim on the lake, especially in the early hours, is a visual treat.


Sandakphu Trek and Tour


Sandakphu, being the highest peak in West Bengal, offers grand views of the world’s tallest peaks. Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth highest peaks in the world standing at 8,516m and 8,463m, petted by the ginormous Everest between them standing at 8,586m.
The peaksKokthang, Rathong, Frey, Kabru South, Kabru North, Simvo, Mt. Pandim, Tenzingkhang, Japanu, Narsing with Kumbhakarna congregate together the image of the sleeping Buddha. An intresting amalgamation of the Kunchenjunga.
You don’t quite realize that you are walking in and out of India and Nepal throughout the trek. That is one of the way nature is kinder than the border forces.
This trek can be done almost throughout the year but April is one of the best months to do the trek especially because of the bloom of the rhododendron. Not just rhododendrons, you get to see hundreds of birds and other animals. If you get lucky, you could even spot the elusive red panda!


Kancendzonga Uttarey Trek


UttareySingalila Trek route encompasses the area southwest of Dzongri and as defined by its name, includes several days of hike crossingthe Singalila range. It rises from the northern hills of Darjeeling district and extends to converge with the Kanchendzonga massif. The Singalila range mark off the western borders of Sikkim and Darjeeling with Nepal. During this trek one will be able to witness and enjoy the Mounatains, passes and range of both India (Sikkim) and Nepal. UttareySingalila Trek passes through the Border and ridges of Indian and Nepal. During this Trek one has the flexibilities and option to trek through 5 to 7 different high altitude lakes of different sizes and shape however it adds few more days to the itinerary. This Trek is also known as the Lake trek or the UttareyChewabhangyang Trek.
UttareySingalila treks is specially suitable for the trekkers who love to be with Nature for longer number of days. The treks starts from Uttarey and ends up at Yuksam or can be done vise versa.
New trail has been recently developed in the quaint village of Uttarey and continues to Goechala via the Singalila ridge. In this trek you can experience the magical land of crystal clear lakes, colorful forests, unique animals, and pristine mountain peaks for the adventure of a lifetime. Mountain goats, the Red Panda, the leopard cat, and more animals found in Singalila National Park and Kanchenjunga National Park can also be witnessed. Dramatic mountain panorama can be seen while crossing the high GoechalaPass(5002 meters/16,410 feet).
You can explore the culture of Pelling and Yuksam, including their elegant monasteries, after the trek.




Dawki is located on the border between India and Bangladesh. This town is famous for the crystal clear water of the Umngot River. Boat ride in this pristine river is a major tourist attraction.
Travelers enjoy being part of this magnificent scenery and enjoy nearby sights and sounds. Wheather you are an adrenaline junkie or a peace lover, this place has got a perfect combination of soothing natural beauty and rushing water to upscale your visit.