Bihu Festival, Assam


Bihu dance festival is a set of three festivals denoting the culture of the northeastern state of Assam. Since Assam has predominant agricultural seasons, it is the Bihufestival, which mark the cycle of farming for the state. It is also a celebration of the change of season. Thus, Bihu is the state festival of Assam. The three types of Bihu dance festival are BohagBihu, KongaliBihu and BhogaliBihu. The celebrations of these three festivals are dependent upon the crop cycle. The BohagBihu, also known as the RongaliBihu is held in the month of April, and signifies the beginning of the New Year according to the Assamese calendar. The BhogaliBihu, also called the MaghBihu, is held during winter, in the month of January. This festival generally coincides with the Winter Solstice. The third Bihu is the KongaliBihu, or the Kati Bihu, which is celebrated in the month of October and coincides with the autumn solstice. Among these three, the BohagBihu is celebrated with a lot of zeal. Since it is also most colorful of the three Bihu dance festivals, it is called the RongaliBihu. It also symbolizes the beginning of the agricultural season in this part of the country. The Kati or KongaliBihu is the time when the completion of seeds and transplantation of the paddy is done whereas MaghBihu celebrates the harvesting period. Join the fun and food filled festival and try your moves with the bihu dancers.


Hornbill Festival, Nagaland


Hornbill festival is the seven-day long festival in Nagaland held in the first week of December. You witness the cultural meets, folk songs and traditional dresses with amazing mouth-watering food items all worth your time and money. You could indulge in their foods and drinks and be a part of the wonderful culture of Nagaland. You could get hold of souvenirs and participate in the night carnival at Kohima and take back a little of Nagaland along with you. Not to forget, for the music fanatics, the rock concert takes place during the last days of the festival. You could groove into the music and the streetlights could be your disco lights, the smell of barbeque and the essence of nature.
Hornbill is unique on its own with its display of spectacular art, war dance, hunting skills but to top it all of the major tourist attraction of this festival is the International motor rally, vintage car rally, Hornbill global film festival, Hornbill national rock concert, fashion show, Naga King chilly eating competition.


Majuli Festival, Assam


The Majuli festival is held in Majuli, the largest river island in the world. Located on the river Brahmaputra in Assam, it has been a center of Vaishnavite culture in Assam. Held on the bank of the River Luit, the Majuli Festival is a major tourist attraction and lets the visitors have a glimpse of the culture and traditions of the island. The location is extremely picturesque and serves as a perfect venue for the festival. Several cultural programs are held during the course of the festival which shed light on the traditional customs and culture of the island. A food festival which displays local delicacies of the state and of the tribes in Majuli in particular is held during this time. The Majuli festival is also attended by artists and artisans who come to exhibit their handmade products.
This festival starts on the 21st of November each year and continues to the 24th
Majuli Festival reflects the culture of Assam in the best possible way. Artists from across the country flock to Assam to participate in the cultural events of the festival. It is the platform where great classical and traditional cultural troupes of Assam and rest of the country gather under one roof to show their talent. The festival is held on the bank of the Luitriver in Majuli. The site offers fantastic views of beautiful surroundings.
Another attraction of Majuli festival is the Exhibitions cum sale fairs which are held with an idea to promote the culture of Assam.


Raas Festival, Assam


Raas is one of the most popular festivals of Assam. It is a religious festival observed by the Hindu community of Assamese society. Raas Festival showcases Bhaona, or traditional dance dramas that depict tales from Hindu mythology. Raas takes place around the full moon night of mid-November. The various monasteries of the island stage various interpretations of Krishna’s life by using folk dances, masks, puppets, songs and dance, all enrolled in a charming riot of colors.
During the four-day festival that starts from the RaasPurnima day, the Island transforms in to a divine place. During the Raas festival, Majuli becomes a veritable place for pilgrimage.
Performance of various interpretation of Lord Krishna’s life by using folk dances,songs, puppet, masks,


Sangai Festival, Manipur


The ‘Festival’ is named after the State animal, Sangai, the brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur. It started in the year 2010 and has grown over the years into a big platform for Manipur to showcase its rich tradition and culture to the world. The festival is labeled as the grandest festival of the State today and helps promote Manipur as a world-class tourism destination. Every edition of the festival showcases the tourism potential of the state in the field of Arts &Culture, Handloom, Handicrafts, Indigenous Sports, Cuisine, Music and Adventure sports of the state.


Ziro Festival, Arunachal Pradesh


Founded in 2012 by Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anupkutty, the Ziro Festival is an incredible occasion of music revelry in Indian North-Eastern State of Arunachal Pradesh. Spanning over 4 days, the festival is hosted by the Apatani tribe of the Ziro valley, one of the most picturesque locations in the state. Situated at the height of 5,500 feet above sea level, the valley is an amazing venue for this fabulous gala, surrounded by beautiful misty mountains. The Ziro Festival is widely known to be the one of the greatest outdoor festivals in India. Celebrated with much fervor and energy, it is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the musical talent of the amazing artists of India besides promoting tourism in the state. The popularity of the festival is spread far and wide. Many bands of national and international repute such as Steve Shelley, Lee Ranaldo, Indus Creed, Peter Cat Recording Company, Barmer Boys, Menwhopause, LouwMajaw, Sha’air and Func, Guru RewbenMashangwa etc. have participated in the festival. For four consecutive days, visitors are treated to some exciting and impressive tunes.


NH7 Weekender, Shillong


NH7 Weekender is an annual, multi-city music festival in India. the event is one of the largest music festivals in India, with an annual attendance across the editions of over 100,000. The festival, held between October and December, travels to multiple cities, with the flagship event in Pune. The festival is noted for its divergent artistic lineup and hosts a large number of established and emerging local artists alongside major international acts.
For all the youth interested in music and dancing and comedy, there is nothing better.


Cherry Blossom Festival, Shillong


Well the name itself will take you to the miles away nation of japan but the Meghalaya has other Japan. During mid- November the bloom of the cherry blossom enhances the hills into pink domes. Plunge into the hub in Shillong and enjoy the radient pink and white cherry blossoms.