MANIPUR an oval shaped valleyis located in a lush green corner of Northeast India. It is bounded by Nagaland on north, Mizoram on the South-west, Myanmar on the east and Assam on the west. A little paradise on Earth with her rich cultural heritage, carpets of flowers, and lazy lakes, Manipur gives the best Tourism Destination. The folklore, myths and legends, dances, indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms, handicrafts and fine arts are invested by the local tribes with the mystique of nature. Manipur is the birthplace of Rugby and Polo. About 472 varieties of orchids grow in Manipur which highlight the beauty of the State.
The major attractions of beautiful Manipur are: Loktak Lake, Kangla Palace, Shree Govindajee Temple, Ema Keithel, Keibul Lamjao National Park,Manipur State Museum, War Cemeteries etc.

Loktak Lake


Loktak Lake,the largest freshwater lake and popularly known as Floating Lake has the Keibul Lamjao National Park which is the last natural refuge of the endangered Sangai or Manipur brow-antlered deer,one of three subspecies of Eld’s Deer.


Kangla Palace


Kangla Palace is the most precious heritage sites of the State. It is the most important historical and archaeological site in Manipur. The place is also steeped in folklore and is a symbol of Manipur’s glory.


Shree Govindajee Temple


Shree Govindajee Temple,the largest Vaishnav temple in Imphal City attracts many tourists besides from regular devotees,which is design with two gold plated domes,a paved court and a large,raisedmantapa or congregation hall.Inside the temple devotees can see the beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha.Regular arrangements for dances and Prayers are made in the premises of the Temple.